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Nov 19 2013, 03:39 PM
Nov 19 2013, 03:03 PM
To quote Michael Fairman: "How much more of this Dannifer are we going to have to put up with?"

Shawn Christian: "What do you want me to do?"

MF: "I want you to end it and do something else." :lol:
Did this really happen? OMG, I love it :wub:


That Theresa owes Jennifer an apology, I can buy. But that the whole focal point of her intervention should hinge on Jennifer's opinion is contrived and ridiculously absurd. I also thought it was kinda weird for Jennifer to basically say "You are dead to me unless and until you threaten my son" (I can buy that she'll be more forgiving of perceived threats against her own self than perceived threats against her son) inside the pub and then go outside and tell Kayla she does hope her niece sorts herself out. I suppose she knows theoretically in the back of her mind that Theresa needs help, not condemnation, but she can't bring herself to overcome her very visceral mama bear reactions. All that's fine except when you get the feeling that I sometimes do that the show feels like Theresa's biggest crime is being a Dannifer obstacle and the drugs are an excuse to give that supposed crime a moment of catharsis.

In fairness though I also think they're playing up the Jennifer-Theresa strife to lay the groundwork for future JJ/Theresa. Jennifer is going to be their couple obstacle.

Dannifer sure don't behave like two people in love. Actually it seems like Dan loves Jennifer but Jennifer simply doesn't want to and greatly fears be lonely. If she had some kind of nervous breakdown I think it'd be a great vehicle to get her to psychologically examine herself.

When the truth about JJ being with Theresa comes out, I hope someone will also learn that JJ had been supplying Theresa and maybe Jennifer can apologize to Theresa about that.

There is something about Jen Lilley's performance that really works for me. Even after that demoralizing speech from Jennifer, Theresa goes straight back into survival mode. "At least I can stay, at least I'm not going to prison". Theresa's got that self-preservation streak that's shaping up to be a consistent yet not anvilicious character streak.
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