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Nov 21 2013, 07:15 PM
Days does events well but they also do severe loses after great gains I'd be surprised if they keep any of the viewers they've gained this week. By December they'll look worse than last week... You watch... Days hasn't been able to keep consistency going for more than 2 weeks
Very true. I'm scared for next week's ratings (this week's air shows). There will be a drop for sure. It's been pretty slow this week, IMO, and I don't think Shane/Kim have the pull to lure in an audience. A show can't survive on payoffs every 4-6 months. Let's hope that they can build some momentum during what TPTB can only hope will be a cold, snowy winter. As of now, Days has had two successful sweeps periods (May and thus far November). If they can continue that momentum through March I think they'll be in decent shape for making it to 2015 and their 50th anniversary. I'm getting the feeling that they will be springing a surprise on us around XMas that will get fans tuning in.
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