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So I have alot of unpopular opinions:

I never liked Sonny. He's been getting on my nerve since day one. Now, it's getting worse. He is just so annoying. Always getting into things that barely concern him. He was unbearable on yesterday's show. I'm not a huge fan of Gabi but Sonny is making me root for her!

As for Chandler, I never really found him to be that good of an actor. He had good moments but he always smirks and looks uncomfortable and it's distracting. He's been awful those past few days!

Why can't Theresa leave town. Her character doesn't add anything to the show. I think my main problem is that she's acting like a child when she's supposed to be in her mid twenties. I was hoping she would be a character more like Chelsea was. Even at her worst, I like Chelsea better than Theresa. And Chelsea killed a child!!
Maybe it's because , you could see some vulnerabilty in Chelsea at some point ( thanks to Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris) but so far, I'm not buying the tears of Theresa. I don't feel like she deserves another chance. Her storyline doesn't help. There's no reason to feel sorry for her character. You can't identify with her...

Maybe a pairing with Nick could have helped. It did help Chelsea. Even though Nick was a sweetheart and not damaged like he is now.

ok. venting over.
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