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Nov 22 2013, 01:11 AM
Nov 21 2013, 11:49 PM
Nov 21 2013, 04:25 PM
I honestly don't understand Eric. I like him, but why does he have so little compassion and forgiveness when it comes to his own mother? I mean if he could forgive Kristen and allow her to marry in his church, after a few pre-cana sessions, and change his entire view of her (allowing her to work with children), yet he can't seem to give his own mother the time of day? Makes me wonder if he's the angel everyone seems to think he is. :shrug:
that's what I have been saying to myself. all her kids have been pricks. sami wanting her to be supportive and her and ej when he shot john once and left him for dead; the setup last year, stealing funds letting john take the fall and marlena stepped up like any mother would and engaged with, "I just want you to be happy". brady, sleeping with kritter in the first place, asking for her hand, beating on his chest demanding marlena and others accept her; he seems to take such pride in announcing that marlena's not his mother...I wonder would he have stabbed Isabella in the back so easily? marlena forgave their betrayal, where was their loyalty and respect for her?
Brady has no memory of Isabella, besides that video tape, but I'm sure if she came back from the dead he'd worship her :hail:

YEP, I know right. I think john and his stories about izzy made brady resent marlena for being to live the life with john that he feels his mother should have been able too. it's one thing to have a sense of her, but he's made her more present for brady and I think that causes most of distance btw m&b. marlena is the only mother he knows; how she holds him, the smell of her perfume, her hazel eyes should be home to him and I Hate that the writers don't respect the role she's played in his life. izzy had a hard time at first seeing the bond btw j&m, but she got past it and found comfort in...that should be said out loud. marlena fell into the mommy role for brady, victor chose her as well, little brady and so did john. I wish we could see that explored on t.v.
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