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Nov 22 2013, 02:43 PM
It is part of history for Snow to always wanna do the write/proper thing,I mean the last time she did the wrong thing someone died and she got a back mark in her heart,I love her,but I do with she would do what maybe considered the wrong thing from time to time.

I am starting to get bored of Neverland,I hope they leave soon,I liked seeing SB again when Ariel was there.

I've seen spoiler pics,so I know Rumple does get out,how I have no idea.

Snow needs to realize that she can't get her perfect way all the time. She not part of a fairy tale any more, she dealing with real life situations that have consequences to her actions. She needs to stop whining and be grateful that she has her family back.

I also getting bored with Neverland because the plot seems to keep going into circles. I thought Henry was smarter boy, but Pan(his great grandfather) brainwashed him.
Too bad the show was not on NBC because Regina and Capt Renard(Grimm) would be a smoking hot couple.
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