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The Room Stops
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Nov 23 2013, 07:41 AM
You know, as someone who was trained as an actor, this is true. But man, soaps were so much better when the long-term actors could say "What a minute. Are you fucking kidding me?" No one knows their characters better. Certainly no writers do. It should be a collaboration. In soaps, the veteran actor's opinion should come above a writer because the actor bears the burden of telling the complete story and no writer will have been around for the telling of it. The writer should be like, hey, so this is where we are going next. And the actor can say all right, well keep this, this, and this in mind. And more often than not, a better story will arise.

And then you have Ali Sweeney being the only actor they seem to do this for.
This is so true. Sadly so. Sad and true, and it makes me so blue. :drunk: ^o)

Seriously though, it's absolutely the truth. And Drake has said that in the past. HE knows John Black, and he wishes the writers would see that.
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