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Nov 21 2013, 08:05 PM
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And then we could get the counterpart of that heartbreaking moment of Kim and Shane swallowing their heartbreak as J&M got married. J&M stand there, hearts breaking as divorce looms in the background, while Kim and Shane are finally re-marrying after way too long apart.

I just need them back. As much as I loved Kim and Shane on their own, I really loved the family dynamics as well. I loved the relationship between Roman/John and Shane, and between Marlena and Kimberly. I know she loved Kayla too, but come on, Kim was Marlena's favorite sister-in-law by leaps and bounds. They got each other, they had each other's backs. Even with Arianna Chase, Kim and Marlena were really close. I'd love to have that back.
Gosh, I love them so much. I just hope fan reaction prompts the show to at least make them recurring on a regular basis and uses them as needed. If they really want the character of Jeannie T to work, she needs her parents around. And I miss all those relationships and family moments too. It's what really made the show so wonderful to watch once upon a time.
I really hope so too, because this return really worked well for all the characters and demonstrated how well Shane and Kim still can fit into the fabric of Salem.

I just can't hold out much hope. I always assumed Patsy's history with the show was a big obstacle to her ever returning for more than a few days at a time. Obviously, a lot of her problems were health-related, but after going through her either being fired or quitting three times (depending on which report you read) and each time necessitating hasty rewrites, I can see TPTB being reluctant to bringing her back in anything more than a day-player role. On top of that, she has moved to Florida, so the logistics might not work.

It's frustrating, because that also limits the possibility of Shane returning. Charlie has been pretty open about wanting to return, and he would be a welcome addition to Salem.
There's also Days' grueling taping schedule. With Patsy's back problems, could she do it?

Maybe recurring, but on contract, who knows?
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