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Nov 24 2013, 04:38 PM
Nov 24 2013, 02:57 PM
Nov 24 2013, 10:19 AM
There's always the possibility that Charlotte Ross is already taping and was just now allowed to tweet a teaser about it.
and there's always a possibility that nothing will come of the talk Charlotte had with Greg & Chris. For all we know, they could've just been asking about whether she would be open to a return in the future, but had no concrete plans on bringing her back.
All we know is that the three of them talked about Days. We don't know when the meeting was, who set it up, or what was specifically said during the meeting.

(I'm not trying to be a Negative Nellie, I'm simply trying to point out that people shouldn't necessarily be waiting on baited breath for a casting announcement. I've heard multiple actors say that they've heard that a story was headed in one direction, and then when they got their scripts they found out that it was actually going to go in a different direction. Things change all the time.)
The meeting was Friday, according to Charlotte's tweet. She tweeted that the meeting was "today" (on Nov. 22). So it's doubtful she's already taping for whomever it was that said that upthread.

That said, she's been RTing the hell out of everything anyone is sending her about Eve, and the "never say never" reply is a pretty good sign. I'm not banking on anything, but given the twitter response, they'd be nuts not to seriously consider it. It's just a shame they tape so far in advance because the story setup for what's airing right now would be PERFECT for Eve's return.
Almost every actor says "never say never" when people ask if they'd return to Days. And there are a lot of actors that RT Days tweets, regardless of whether they have any intentions of coming back.
There's a difference between a small group of people tweeting over & over and a giant group tweeting once or twice, too. Plus, I doubt a lot of people would tweet her back & say "no. I don't want Eve back in Salem", so it's not surprising that most of the responses have been positive. But Twitter doesn't speak for all the fans. And just like people here have mentioned, there's a possibility that, if Eve did return, she'd be paired with Daniel or would otherwise be brought on for the next round of Dannifer angst. As much as people might want a character back, sometimes it's better not to bring them back because the story plans for that character could be something no one really wanted. I loved geek Nick, but this nu-Nick is terrible, & I almost wish they hadn't re-hired Blake. I would've rather heard that Nick got released from prison & moved to NYC (or wherever) and was doing really well, than this whole stupidity we have now. Somewhat the same goes for Kristen. Most of her return was a complete flop. There was more time spent on Bristen than on any Kristen vs Marlena story.
It's always great to bring back a familiar face & character, don't get me wrong, but if the writers don't know how to properly write for them & don't do their research properly, the return of a beloved/major character from the past could be a complete fail. Relying on a returning actor's familiarity to bring in ratings will only go so far as well.
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