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So, was/is every woman on Days either raped or a former prostitude?
It might seem like that, but in July 1987 when Eve arrived, I believe only Marlena and Maggie -- of the major characters had been raped -- and only Kim had a background as a prostitute. The teen prostitution storyline involving Eve was intelligently and well-written and was not as superficial as it would be handled now.

When Eve arrived at age 14, she had nothing. She had been raised in a foster home and had just learned that Shane was her father, but she hesitated about approaching him when she discovered he had a new family. Local pimp Nick Corelli (who had been around for awhile) targeted her. He gave her food and a place to stay, but then threatened to kick her out unless she began working for him. After Eve revealed that she was Shane's daughter, the story dovetailed very nicely with Kim's past, because she was the first to figure out what Eve was doing (after Kim was nearly killed saving Eve from a john and lost her near-term baby). The story also did not sugarcoat why Eve would begin to find prostitution something she enjoyed; having men want her, even if only for sex, was attractive to a young girl who had never been wanted before and who felt insecure about trying to fit in with the Donovans.

What really made the storyline work even more was that it had long-standing repercussions for Eve over her entire run. Her past kept coming back and was always something that she had to overcome. In high school, a guy who knew about Eve's past bet his friends that he could have sex with her. And Eve, desperate to fit in, fell for his machinations. She also tried to commit suicide.

Weirdly, the show also managed to develop a relationship between Nick and Eve. As the show reformed Nick, he became protective over "Evie" and she had a crush on him. When she turned 18, they had a brief relationship before he was killed (in the aftermath of Steve's death). That should have been completely squicky, but it wasn't.

Eve would be a great return. Seeing her square off against Jennifer and, hopefully, stand up for Jeannie Theresa would be great. Jennifer was always the golden teen, while Eve was the bad girl, but even then Jennifer could be sanctimonious. Eve was one of the few characters would call her on that.
Nick and Eve :wub:

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