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Nov 26 2013, 11:30 AM
TBH, I have never liked any version of Nick, and I think GG and BB are very similar in their acting styles. I don't mind him being BSC but I think they did him a disservice with the way the character returned and interacted with so many classic characters only to have him basically completely marginalized once he got in Salem. Similar to how they took the time to "redeem" him in May but didn't bother to have him interact with family only to have him go off the rails again.
I think BB is a solid actor, certainly the best of his age group but I agree that the writing for Nick has really made it hard to keep up and to care much about what happens to him. Having him come back and be manipulative and stalkerish with Gabi and the baby was fine - but then why redeem him during the showdown at the cabin back in May and give him reasons for his reactions to things if they weren't going to continue on with that. It's so odd the way they just basically left him hanging for a while after that - and then brought him back for more of the same stalkerish and manipulative intentions with Gabi.

And just for the record, I'm rather enjoying the recent influx of Ericole avis. :wub:
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