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These Robin scenes are dragging out too long.
Robin needs to stop whining and reclaim her family.
Lifetime STFU award goes to Brad. He wants to be expose the truth about Robin at the wedding and yet keeps his mouth shut about Franco's tumor.
Britt was trying to stop the wedding not because of Patrick because of Sabrina. I guess she figured that something she wish on her worst enemy.
It must be nice to sociopath week because any Police Commissioner would have called put in a maximum cell facility.
LMAO because Duke had more chemistry with Dr.O than with Anna.
All Brad needs to do is sign his parental rights away and a confidentiality agreement between him and Britt.

I am really hoping that Ben is Britt child and not Dante. Making Ben Dante/Lulu child serves no purpose and GH needs to let go of paternity storylines especially after the multiple Franco paternity changes every month.
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