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* EJ and Sami finally have it out over the state of their relationship
* JJ decides to come clean with Jennifer
* An unsuspecting Kate is gut punched by Rafeís words
* Sami, Kate and Gabi fear that someone may have uncovered their secret
* JJís errand for Theresa runs into some major difficulties.


Updated 11/28
Monday ("JJ Comes Clean")
JJ Comes Clean with Jennifer; Theresa reacts to JJ's confession in an unexpected way.

Tuesday ("JJ is Stunned")
JJ is shocked by Theresa's revelation; Will demands to know what Kate, Gabi and Sami are hiding.

Wednesday("Theresa's Plan")
Theresa blackmails JJ; Kate warns Jordan she won't allow her to hurt Rafe.

Thursday ("Sonny Eavesdrops")
Sonny is surprised by what he hears when he eavesdrops on Sami, Kate and Gabil; Eric goes to great lengths to prove his innocence.

Friday ("Adrienne and Will Bond")
Theresa has good news for Anne; Adrienne and Will bond.

Theo unwittingly gives incriminating evidence to Ciara.
Daniel realizes they need to find the expert who provided Kristen with the drug she used on Eric.
EJ warns Sami that if she doesnít love him anymore, she should move out.
Brady runs into someone unexpected when he tries to buy more drugs
A delirious Eric asks for Nicoleís forgiveness.
Marlena isnít pleased to find Nicole by her sonís side.
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