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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

* EJ and Sami finally have it out over the state of their relationship

Let me guess...they end up having angry sex after their fight? Boring...repetitive crap....end it or go on with it...stop having stupid fights over what you do....it's really getting idiotic now.

* JJ decides to come clean with Jennifer

Wonder if JJ tells his mom everything about that night Theresa overdosed and how Dan didn't sleep with Theresa, but said so to protect JJ....

* An unsuspecting Kate is gut punched by Rafeís words

So it seems that Rafe will finally tell Kate that he has eyes for someone else....thy name is Jordan....

* Sami, Kate and Gabi fear that someone may have uncovered their secret

Hope they don't drag this on forever...I got a feeling they will and I'll soon be hoping that this story had never happened, even if I enjoyed the episodes that focused on what they did.

* JJís errand for Theresa runs into some major difficulties.

Have no clue what this is...I don't for a minute believe that Theresa will want drugs and JJ will go find it for her....so it has to be something else right?
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