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Nov 26 2013, 09:44 AM
I want to like Sami because she's a legacy character & has SO much back-story with other characters & the shit stunts she's pulled over the years. But that's just it - it's years later & she's still pulling stunts. Dislike it all you want, but I'm hoping that when her contract is up next year, AS leaves and lets the producers & writers know far enough in advance, that they can plan out a really REALLY good whodunnit for her murder. It would create some huge drama, leave EJ & Lucas as single fathers & give them a different dynamic, give her entire family something to grieve, and have the potential to draw some good ratings. From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, it might also free up the taping schedule so actors & actresses who grow tired of working around AS & her BL (among other projects) schedule wouldn't be so quick to leave - and since that's what Eileen Davidson cited as the reason she left...And no, I don't blame AS for the taping schedule, I think the network sets that up.

I know Sami has her fanbase & I get that the EJami's have been waiting YEARS (and nothing against any of them, they've waited this long for their couple to finally be together, I have to give them that) - so have the Lumi's, the Safe's etc - but there really isn't much more they can write for Sami to do that hasn't been done yet unless they write her as a more mature character & I don't think they're willing (nor particularly able) to do that.
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