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She could've also been talking about Kristian, though to a much lesser degree. Kristian's non-Days schedule consists of 3-4 trips to Toronto & a handful of trips to christmas markets or other expos. Of course, given that Kristian's guarantee is lower, it's probably easier to work around her 5 or 6 "no Thurs/Fri this week"s than Ali's constant "must be done by ___"/"cannot come in until _____"/etc to shoot BL challenges & weigh-ins.
because there were so many Kristen / Hope scenes to fit into the schedule?

Although I guess shooting around Hope's 10 minute a week pop up appearances might have been tough.
But the same is true of Sami. The show was never exactly overflowing with scenes between Kristen and Sami, either. Alison Sweeney's schedule should not have affected Eileen Davidson's schedule much at all. James Scott's schedule, sure. But Eileen's? Kristen was in bed with Brady most of the time*. I doubt that Alison needed to be on-set for that to occur.

Besides, my understanding was that Eileen was more concerned about her taping schedule -- i.e., that she became one of the leading characters on the show from day one of her return and stayed that way for an entire year (and probably would have continued to experience that for the foreseeable future if she had chosen to remain on the show). She was saying that she wanted a less hectic schedule. Any allusion to Alison's schedule was just to explain that, while Eileen was aware that the show was willing to work around certain actors' schedules and she could have perhaps made such a request (and likely would have had that request granted), she didn't feel comfortable making that sort of request (perhaps because she knew how it would affect her costars just like it had affected Alison's costars) just so that she would have a more manageable workload.

But I haven't necessarily read every single interview that Eileen has given about the subject, so my interpretation of the situation could be wrong, I suppose.

*This is clearly an exaggeration for effect. The point is nevertheless the same.
I think you're right. She didn't say anything about Ali's schedule affecting her negatively or even at all. All she said was that she didn't want them to accommodate her in that way.
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