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Some gals have all the luck!

Nov 27 2013, 05:11 PM
Nov 27 2013, 01:44 PM
Nov 27 2013, 01:13 PM
Hope and E.J. always sizzle. Sami who?
you can't deny that which is Elope!

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I know I am suppose to be EJAMI = heart ...BUT,.. got to admit...

Man..., those two are hot! A pairing like that would be epic!! Only problem is that Hope seems to hate EJ,.. Would pair like that work? She being cop and all? .. Who knows, maybe Sami facing jail time and new trial might being them together?

Or maybe Hops's alter ego Gina and EJ would work. I could so see that work. They both being fantastic evil... while everyone thinks she is Hope. In the dark they have an hidden affair,.. that is sizzling. But out of the dark of Salem they go on as merry Hope"2the saint"/cop covering up her own crimes and Ej .. well EJ. They continue the "charade" so nobody is suspecting them. They do great evil things,... maybe things gets broken down. Somebody sees something they shouldn't have and all get unraveled. Maybe EJ is using Hope ("Gina") to get Sami back out of prison or maybe not. ... anyways I see HUGE potential here.

EJ have always had chemistry with everyone, Hope is the same way. But they are both really interesting together. I like that duo. I want this to happen!!

I also like EJABBY. She needs to go Austin crazy on EJ or.. someone. Please,.. I don't like her as the "saint" like her mother. I also don't get why EJ and Abby got so many common scenes unless they are planning something. Or maybe it was because of Chad? In any case,.. I could see EJ have a friend in her and maybe more but at the moment I leaning more towards ELOPE.
Great post! :hail: But I must have missed the episode(s) where/when Hope was anointed a saint. :shrug: Just because she's a Horton and a cop, don't let that fool you. She's been, for the most part, anything BUT "saintly". :cheers:

Thank the Soap Gods for that! :rockon: ONE Jennifer Horton is enough!
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