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DeeDee Barone
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Nov 27 2013, 09:49 PM
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You'd think that Eric would want to get his side of the story out there. He doesn't have proof, but he can at least truthfully say that he's innocent, and say that there's been an ongoing investigation. The video has gone viral and everyone who has seen it believes that their priest is a pervert. It's being seen by more people every day, with no word of defense from Eric, people will just assume he's in hiding because he's guilty.
By the way, how did it go viral anyway?
Contrary to the likelihood IRL that the priest sex video would have gone viral, the writers made it clear on Tuesday that the video is not out there for the public to see and circulate. Gossip about the video is all over Salem, but not the video itself -- not yet. This was the exchange between Miles and Nicole when he coaxed her to do the Eric interview:

Miles: Only because you're looking at it the wrong way, Nicole. Come on, you're going back to work, and you're handed this huge story on a platter. Right? And everybody's talking about this priest with the huge secret, and, come on, frankly this video could still go public.

Nicole: Not if there's a god.

Miles: Nicole. Can you spell "going viral"?
Hey, at least Eric finally got to do a porno - 13 years after his audition! :lol:

Eric's Porn Audition Summer 2000
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