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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Repeat of yesterday's ending.

Repeat of Brady answering his cell and the guy asking if he's looking for Kristen DiMera. Brady - Who is this? Guy - You think Kristen's a thousand miles away by now? Think again pal. She's right under your nose.

Repeat of Eric accusing Nicole of setting him up; he's nothing but a story to her. I know I did you an injustice. Nicole - Yeah, you did. Eric - But it doesn't give you the right to use what I'm going through to jumpstart your TV career. Nicole grabs his arm. Whoa, did you hear what I said? There is something in it for both of us.

EJ opens the door to Hope. May I help you? Hope - Where's Sami? EJ - I'd like to know the answer to that question myself actually.

Meanwhile the struggle on the riverbank continues. Nick calls for help as the current pulls him away. They show him go under the water. Gabi - OMG, he's alive. (I think Sami says 'not anymore' but it's hard to hear).

Brady - Don't play games with me. Guy - This is no game. You want to get your hands on this broad or not? Brady - You think she's dumb enough to still be here in Salem. Guy - If everyone figures you're gone, where's the safest place to hide out? Where no one's looking. Brady - You're looking for reward money, aren't you? Guy - I saw her man and you can see her too if you do what I say. Brady - How much? Guy - Well it ain't free, I'll tell you that. Brady - Yeah, no kidding. What, do you want me to give you cash based on nothing. Guy - The woman I'm talking about kept saying one name over and over, Brady. She kept saying your name. Brady - Tell me where to meet you.

Eric - The last thing I want is more publicity. Nicole - So you don't want an opportunity to tell your side of the story. Why is that a bad thing? Eric - Because I've been instructed by the Bishop not to talk to the press. Nicole - Well he can't do that. Eric - Yes he can. Nicole - This is a free country. He can't put a muzzle on you. He's hanging you out to dry. Eric - He's protecting me. He wants this to die down while he decides whether I can still be a priest or not. The only one who wants to hang me out to dry is you.

EJ - Actually I have no idea where she is but when I find her I'll let her know you were looking for her. Hope - Actually I just wanted to know where she is. The reason I'm here is to give you this. EJ reads the document. And what is the meaning of this exactly? Hope - Oh come on EJ, you've seen enough search warrants in your life time. Hope nods and two cops come inside the house.

Will tells Sonny that Ari is asleep again. So, where did you go before? Sonny didn't pay attention; he was just trying to process this whole thing. Will - I know I'm asking a lot; asking you to move to New York. Sonny - My whole life is here. Will knows. But my daughter is going to be in New York and she has to be my life. I'm sorry, I went too far when I said you were making me choose between you and Ari. What made you come back? Sonny - I ran into your mom actually. It went well. I told her what happened and she said something that stuck with me. She said no matter how crazy things get I should never forget that you love me. Will - She's right for once. They kiss. Will - Are you telling me Mom knows I'm thinking about moving to New York? Sonny - Yeah. Will - Why isn't she here then reading me the riot act? Sonny - Well she kind of seemed that she wanted to get away from me; like she had something more important to do. Will - More important than running my life; OMG, please don't be doing something crazy again.

Back at the riverbank Gabi panics. OMG, he's drowning. We have to do something. Kate shakes her - Stop it. You've seen the current; you go in there and you drown too. Sami was right. The water's high and it's freezing. He is gone Gabi. He's gone! Gabi - OMG, he was alive when we let him go. She rounds on Sami. You told me he didn't have a pulse; that he was dead! Sami barks - What am I! A doctor! I don't know. I thought he didn't have a pulse. He looked dead. We all thought he looked dead. Gabi - OMG, if he hadn't gone in the water he would have been okay. We killed him. He's murdered.

Segment 2: Nicole - Kristen drugged you or you never would have had sex with her. You don't want people to know? Eric snaps - No! Nicole - Fine, suit yourself. Eric - You made it clear that you hate my guts so don't walk in here and insult my intelligence saying that you have something that is good for me. You have nothing and no interest in doing anything good for anyone. Nicole - Don't you think you had this coming to you? You accused me of doing something that I would never do. I tried to tell you that you were wrong ... Eric - And I refused to listen to you. If you can't find it in your heart to forgive me I understand but don't you walk in here and tell me that you've got something that's good for me when I'm nothing but a story for you. That is so beneath you Nicole. He leaves.

Brady is in the park. He gets an incoming call from Victor that he ignores. A guy watches him from behind some shrubs.

Hope tells one cop that he's the most familiar with the layout of the house so he's the point person. Start in Kristen DiMera's room and then spread out and do not let him interfere in any way. (There's more cops there now). EJ introduces EJ to Sgt Jensen. If you have any other questions, he's in charge now. EJ - Please don't tell me you're leaving. Hope - You catch on quick. EJ - Really. No lecture on how monstrous my sister is. Hope - No need for a lecture EJ. I can sum it up in one sentence. Kristen reminds me of you. Have fun boys. Cheerio.

Lucas is at Will and Sonny's. I had to give my granddaughter a 6 month birthday present. Will - She'd be really upset if you didn't. Lucas - You got me, I just wanted to see her. Will - But I just did put her down. Ari starts crying. Sonny goes to get her. Lucas - Everything okay between you two. Will - Yeah, not really. Gabi got a modelling contract. Lucas - That's great, isn't it? Will - It's not that simple. Seems like nothing's really simple anymore.

Gabi kneels at the riverbank and peers into the water. Kate goes to her. Gabi - We have to do something. Kate - Listen to me. We can't. He's gone. Gabi - OMG no! Kate - Nick tried to con you into going to New York to live with him, right? Then you confronted him and he attacked you. He brought this on himself. Right now what we need to figure out is how to handle it. Sami - I think the first thing we should do is get rid of Nick's backpack. They look for rocks to fill it. Sami - Look, I've been in situations like this and I'm telling you, you will feel better if you are doing something. Rocks, okay. Gabi we needs rocks, lots of them. They weigh down the backpack. Kate - We should do this together. Sami - All three of us, right. On three. Now we want to get it as far as we can into the river in the deepest part. On the count of three they chuck it into the river. The camera cuts to an object on the ground in the shrubs.

Segment 3: Kate walks up to Gabi at the riverbank and tells her it's time to go. We're going to go back to our lives and we're going to find a way to put all of this behind us. Gabi - And how do we do that? Kate - Well either we do that or we might as well be in the bottom of the river with Nick. I know that sounds cold but we have to be practical. All of us have too many people to lose. Sami - She's right. We're just going to have to find a way to forget. Gabi - Forget! Are you kidding me! I will never forget this.

Lucas - So Gabi's just going to pack up and move to New York, really? Will - As far as I know. Lucas - Well she can't do that. Will - We don't have a custody agreement and she's the Mom and she wants to be able to support Ari. Lucas - What are you going to do? Will - I don't have a choice. I have to move to New York too. If I don't I'm gonna see Ari once a month at best. Lucas - I get that. It killed me that I wasn't there for you as much as I should have been but New York, really. Will - I switched my major to creative writing. I think I can do that at NYU. Lucas - I guess I could try and sell your mom on it. Will - Thank you. I'm sure she's going to be freaking out. Lucas - What about Sonny? What does he think about this? Sonny comes out with Ari. Funny that you ask 'cause I was playing with Ari and it made me think. I just can't lose her and I can't lose you. And I also started thinking, you know what Manhattan needs, Club TBD.

The guy finally walks up, Mr. Black. I waited to make sure you came alone. When you inform on a DiMera there's a certain amount of risk involved. Brady - You work for the family or something? Guy - The less I say the better it is for you. Brady - And what about you? Guy - After we talk I'll take the money you're going to give me and I'll disappear. He pulls out a piece of paper. This is where she is but you better hurry; she probably won't be there very long. Brady pulls out an envelope of money. Describe her to me. Guy - Blonde hair on the long side, about this tall (he holds up his hand). She's pretty; well she used to be. Brady - What do you mean she used to be? Guy - She looks like hell; like she hasn't changed her clothes or had a bath in days. She's not in good shape either. All she does is keep mumbling your name. Hope watches as Brady hands over the money and takes the slip of paper from the guy.

EJ is at the door again. Fr. Eric, it's so nice to see you again. You're not wearing your uniform. Eric - I'm here to see Sami. EJ - Yes, apparently everybody's looking for her today. Unfortunately I have no idea where she is.

Gabi - How am I supposed to forget! The look on Nick's face when he opened his eyes ... he was looking right at me. I can't forget that. Kate - Okay look. I know this is new for you; this is a shock. This is a shock for us too though. But we have to get through it! Think of your baby. Sami - Think of Arianna. She's a part of me too. She's a part of Kate. We both have children of our own we have to worry about. There is no way in hell I'm going to prison because you refused to see who Nick really was until he tried to rape you. Gabi - He and I weren't together. Sami - You still slept with him again. Yes, we know. Gabi - Sami, that was a mistake. Kate - Look, whatever! Whatever happened you didn't deserve what happened to you, okay. You didn't bring that on you. Honey, he lied to you. He tried to separate the baby from Will and Sonny to control you. Sami - When you wouldn't do what he wanted you to do he got mean and he tried to rape you. As far as I'm concerned you know what happened here tonight. He got what he deserved. It was justice! Now let's get the hell out of here. Come on. Gabi stares at the river until they come and walk her away. The camera once again pans on something left behind in the bushes.

Segment 4: Vic is having a drink at the club. He sees someone put another drink in front of him. Nicole joins him. It's on me. Don't worry, there's nothing in that glass but single malt. Vic - And what prompted this generosity? Nicole - Remember when you thanked me for running Kristen off the road. That's nothing compared to what you did. When it comes to being a real bastard you haven't lost your touch.

Brady - This had better work out. Guy - Then you better hurry. Like I said, no telling how long she's going to be there. Brady - What the hell is that supposed to mean. The guy is gone. Hope walks up. What's going on? Brady - Nothing, I'm getting some air. Hope - You hear the tone of my voice; my cop voice. Truth. Brady - I got a lead on Kristen and where she is. Hope - From that character I just saw you with? Brady - Yeah. It's a long shot but I've got to check it out. Hope asks to take a look at the address. This is as far on the wrong side of the tracks you can get in Salem which could be the perfect place for Kristen to hide out. Brady - The guy says she's just muttering my name and looks like hell. What are you doing? Who are you calling? Hope - The station. I'm not going without backup.

Eric - Since Sami isn't here I guess I'll be on my way. EJ - I'll tell her you called. Eric - You know EJ, Sami and I keep in touch pretty steadily since this whole thing blew up. EJ - I'm not surprised. Eric - Yeah but she hasn't mentioned your name; I was wondering why. EJ - Do you have any thoughts? Eric - Is she protecting you? EJ - From what? Why would she do that? Eric - Because maybe you knew about this video before it was played at the church. EJ - Samantha has a reason for everything she does. Eric - I'd be very interested in hearing what you think that reason is.

Kate, Sami and Gabi are in the park. Gabi is sitting on a bench holding a takeout cup. Kate - You need to sip that. Gabi - I don't know how sipping tea is going to help me get over murdering somebody. They both shush her. Kate - Stop! You have to realise that you need to be very, very careful about what you say from now on. Sami - You understand right? Gabi - I know, I know but I don't know what I'm going to do. We should have called the police instead of trying to handle this ourselves. Kate shushes her again. I'm not the only one who heard what happened. There were a lot of other people who saw you going after Nick. You're the one who looked like you were out of control. Gabi - I know. Kate - The last thing you said to him was that you wanted him out of your life. Gabi - Okay, but I didn't want him dead. Sami shushes her again. Kate - I know that. Sami knows that. But all those other people, who knows what they what they'd make out of that. Gabi - My gosh. I was supposed to be going to New York to be a model and I had this future and Nick is dead and I did it. I think I should just go home. Sami - I don't know if that's such a good idea right now.

Segment 5: Will comes back from putting Ari back to sleep. Lucas - She was tired. You guys look a little beat yourselves. Sonny - Yeah, it's been quite a day. Lucas - No matter where she is when she turns one, I'm going to be there. Lucas - I hope you don't wait that long. They hug. Goodnight. Lucas - Call me if you need anything at all. He leaves. Will - It is getting kind of late. Sonny - I wonder what's taking Gabi so long.

Kate - I think what you should do is come home with me tonight. I'll call Will and tell him that you need some time to think about the job. Then in the morning you tell him that you changed your mind. Gabi - I have to go home and hold my baby. Sami - That's a great idea. When you hold that precious little girl let her remind you how important these stakes really are. Okay go home. Gabi - I'll see you I guess. Sami - And call us if you need backup. Oh God. Kate - She's going to go back to the apartment. Will and Sonny are going to be waiting there. They're going to ask her about the job, about the move. Do you think she's going to be able to handle that. Sami - I don't know but she has to; we have to. You still have Nick's cell phone, right? Kate - Of course I do. Sami - What's the plan with that? Kate - We need to make it appear that Nick is alive and well and living in New York at least for a while. I have the receipt too for the things he sent to New York so we'll have those things claimed. There needs to be a paper trail that everything is normal. Sami - Normal! The light from normal will take a million years to get to this situation. Kate - That everything is appearing to be normal alright! Or else we're going to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Sami - Again!

Vic - If you're here to start something Nicole I'm really not in the mood. Nicole - Come on Victor, I'm your biggest fan. Vic - What brought that about? Nicole - Well you conning Marlena into ditching Brady's love tribute to his bride-to-be and substituting it with the video of Kristen having sex with the priest ... thank you very much because Brady is free and that bitch is toast! Vic - At least somebody understands that the end justifies the means. Nicole - Yeah. I'm very pragmatic. I bought you that drink because you also got it through Eric's thick skull that I spoke the truth. Vic - About what? Nicole - About the person who drugged and seduced him because if you didn't do what you did, Eric would have still thought it was me. Vic - Wait a minute. You mean he actually was drugged? Nicole - Yes. I'm the one who found him in his hotel room. He was totally out of it. Vic - From the video it seemed obvious that he was just a hypocrite that ... Nicole - Was having an affair with his step-brother's fiancée. You don't know Eric very well. Vic - And now his life's a shambles.

Eric - Did you know about Kristen's plan? Were you keeping it to yourself trying to protect her? EJ - If you asked me that in a court of law I'd have to plead the fifth. Eric - Wanting to lie about it. Maggie left Victor. There's a good chance I won't be a priest anymore. Your sister ruined her own life. EJ - Such a tragic trifecta. Eric - And you could have stopped it all from happening but you didn't. How do you sleep at night?

Brady is going to open the door but Hope tells him to wait until backup gets here and we have a search warrant. Brady replies - I'm not a cop and kicks the door open. Hope calls out police. People scatter and run out the door. Brady sees the back of a blonde woman's head.

Sami looks at the receipt. I'm worried about this. If we hire someone in New York to move all this stuff, they're going to know. They're going to start suspecting we're up to something. Kate - That's better than Nick's family thinking it's all just sitting there, isn't it? Sami - I guess. I have a feeling that that family wouldn't be too surprised if Nick just disappeared into the woodwork. Kate - That's good. Maybe this is all going to be just alright. Sami - Did you say Nick gave you a flashdrive? Did you look at it? Kate - No I didn't. It's work-related. I think he was just trying to cover all his bases. Sami - You should probably check it out just to make sure. Kate - I will. Okay, I'm going to go get that drink. Sami - Hey Kate. I just need to hear you say it. Why are we doing this? Kate - We're doing this because Gabi is the mother of Will's baby. Sami - Okay. So this is for Will. Kate - For Will. Goodnight.

Segment 6: EJ - Oh I sleep very well, thank you. Eric - Maybe now, I'm not so sure about the future. EJ - Is that a threat Father. Eric - Just a statement of fact. I know what makes you tick EJ. EJ - Ahh, he is his mother's son. Delving into people's psyche. Eric - It's not about money, it's not about power. Your whole world revolves around Sami now and you finally got what you deserve. EJ - That I do take issue with Father. My I call you Father? I suppose it doesn't really matter. You see I don't think anybody deserves anything. You want something, you work for it. You make it happen. If people got what they deserved you wouldn't be in the situation you're in now, would you? I mean for all of the noble, selfless, righteous things you've done. You gave your heart and soul to the Lord and look at where you find yourself. Is that fair? No, that is in fact a travesty. Certainly not what you deserve. Eric - This isn't about me EJ. It's about you and Sami. One thing I do know ... it's not going to last. It never does. EJ - I didn't take you for a cynic. Not that your opinion particularly matters to me because it doesn't. I would like you to know that Samantha and I are very deeply in love and we have worked out ? ... we'll be just fine. Eric - You can delude yourself into believing whatever you want. You will lose her again. I know that like I know the sun is going to rise tomorrow. You're going to lose because of the kind of man you are. EJ - I suggest you take your prophecies and show yourself out Father. Eric - It's been a pleasure.

Brady says Kristen and turns the chair around. It's not her.

Sami comes home as a policeman is walking out. Why are there police here? EJ - Come inside, I'll explain. They go into the living room. They were looking for information that would lead them to Kristen. They didm't find anything. Sami - Oh. EJ - Where have you been and why are you so much the worse for where? Sami - I was just out. Where the kids upset by the police. EJ - They were in bed when they arrived. Sami - Good. EJ - Your brother was here sans collar. He was dressed up like one of us heathens. He wanted to see you but he was satisfied by taking out his frustrations on me. Sami - Did you get it into it with my brother? EJ - He noticed that when the two of you are together my name never comes up. Sami - You didn't tell him why though. EJ - I didn't have to. He already figured that out for himself. Sami - Great. EJ - If it helps I think it was very therapeutic for him. He was able to direct his anger right on to something. Sami - Oh yeah, 'cause you're such a giver. I'll call him and go see him in the morning. EJ - You can't, you have that thing with the kids. Sami - What thing? EJ - School. You promised to drive a whole bus load of kids down to that ... Sami - Museum. EJ - I'm going to kiss the kids goodnight and retreat to my corner. He thinks the fact that she's wearing the earrings he gave her for Valentine's is a good sign. He closes the door behind him. Sami looks in the mirror and tucks her behind her ears. She realises one of her earrings is missing. OMG.

Gabi comes home. Will - Hey, you don't look so good. Gabi - No, I'm not so good. Will - What happened? Gabi - I have something to tell you both.

Segment 7: Woman - Brady, it's you. I knew you'd come. Brady - OMG. Woman - What's a matter? Aren't you glad to see me? Hope - She saw the picture in the paper. She's so wasted, she thinks she's Kristen. Woman - I am Kristen. You still love me, don't you Brady? Brady - Hey, hey ... get away. Hope pushes her out of the room. The woman yells - Don't let her take me away. Hope looks at Brady. Sorry. Brady - I thought she'd be here. She's not here. Hope - Let's go. Brady looks around and sees a bag of cocaine on the table. He takes it.

Vic - I remember asking you how you could be content being a female Pa Cratchett in Eric's office. I wondered what was in it for you. Nicole - I changed my life because I thought he believed in me. But when the chips were down he turned on me. Vic - You found out that Saint Eric was a mere mortal. It must have been very disappointing. Nicole - I hate that man. Vic - Strong words. Nicole - But accurate. Drink up!

Eric stops outside the pub and looks up. I know you're testing me Father but I'll find my way. I have to.

Kate is in the square when an incoming text comes in on Nick's phone from Hope just checking in on him. She replies. Everything's good. Just got to Manhattan. So much to do. Happy and busy. She immediately gets a response. Hope is wishing Nick luck.

Sami - OMG, when did I lose that earring. She recalls dropping Nick's body at the river's edge. No, no, no. For the love of God it can't be there. It just can't be there!

The camera cuts to the river and to the earring lying on a rock.

Sonny hands Gabi a glass of water. It looks like you're going to pass out. Will - What happened Gabi? What's wrong. Cue flashback of the moment they realised Nick was still alive and then of him going underwater. And Kate and Sami talking to her about getting through this. Gabi - I thought I could go through with it but I just can't. Will - Go through with what? What are you talking about? Gabi - I'm not going to New York. Not after ... Will grabs her in a big hug - Yay! He spins her around. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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