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My reasoning is that her story wouldn't have credibility to the public or other journalists. Her story would become a story in and of itself. She would be called out on her involvement, thus her credibility would be called into question, and the credibility of her reporting.
Oprah Winferey interviews people that she knows all the time. She gets them to tell their story if their is one to tell. That is all Nicole will be doing with Eric. She doesnt even have to mention her involvement which was only in rescuing him. That is why I am not seeing the big deal.
And if we're getting technical about Nicole doing Eric's story....

1. Should Doc have volunteered to hypnotize her own child weeks back?
2. Should Hope and Roman even be involved in this case considering both are related to Eric?
Eric agreed to be hypmotized. He doesn't want to do the interview. Big difference. And Nicole approached him under the guise of friendship, when she really just wanted the scoop. Her motives weren't right. She absolutely deserved to be yelled at by Eric.
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