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Oprah Winferey interviews people that she knows all the time. She gets them to tell their story if their is one to tell. That is all Nicole will be doing with Eric. She doesnt even have to mention her involvement which was only in rescuing him. That is why I am not seeing the big deal.
And if we're getting technical about Nicole doing Eric's story....

1. Should Doc have volunteered to hypnotize her own child weeks back?
2. Should Hope and Roman even be involved in this case considering both are related to Eric?
Eric agreed to be hypmotized. He doesn't want to do the interview. Big difference. And Nicole approached him under the guise of friendship, when she really just wanted the scoop. Her motives weren't right. She absolutely deserved to be yelled at by Eric.
I dont think Nicole looked particularly friendly when she approached Eric. Her demeanour was exactly the same as it has been towards him ever since she told him she could not forgive him. I think she should have explained why she wanted to speak to him in the first place, and then asked him if he was willing to do the interview before pulling out her recorder. The way she went about it was all wrong. It was almost as if she was not all too bothered as to whether or not he agreed to the interview, otherwise her approach would have been much more friendlier.

I dont think Eric should be yelling at her at all. She is the last person he should be yelling at and once again criticising. She hasnt forgiven him yet over what he has done. He can give his point of view without yelling at her. He was also wrong again. She was not doing it just to further her career, but he already thinks low of her anyway, so I am not surprised that he would believe that.

The conversation that she had with her boss, tells us that she was not doing it just to further her career. There was no enthusiasm on her part to interview Eric. She told him she didnt want to do it, and it is only when he mentioned that it could help Eric for people to know his side of the story, that she started to reconsider and told him she would think about it. He also added that it would be good for her career. So she was being truthful to Eric when she said that they both could benefit from the story, and it was not all about her.
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