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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepfrankly this video could still go public
I think it was the Kristen Tribute video that Brady crushed. The Bishop seems to have the priest sex video in custody after Father Matt gave it to him. The flash drive was opened and copied to DVD by Victor's IT guy, who I suppose could have downloaded it elsewhere, although he didn't look to be that foolish as he was leaving. So Victor should still have the flash drive. Marlena should have demanded that Victor turn it over to her for destruction when she came in to read him the riot act. She maybe missed another opportunity there to limit her damage to Eric. Or maybe now that Victor knows via Nicole that Eric really was another of Kristen's victims, he will work with Nicole and Daniel to clear Eric's name and insist that his IT guy analyze the flash drive further for edits. And/or help track down Kristen's video editor. More to come on the video, I'm sure.
Thanks! It is kind of bizarre to me that the priest gave the video to the bishop. It wasn't really his to take. And it never made sense to me that Victor took Brady's tribute video instead of the one he made.

The bishop was in town on church business and getting lots of calls from parishioners about the priest sex video played in the church sanctuary. So, I imagine the bishop told Father Matt to secure the DVD ASAP and get it to him, so he could see what the hell everyone was talking about.

As for Victor pocketing Brady's Tribute DVD...that was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding fiasco. It made me LOL at the time. After all the havoc wreaked by Victor -- the sex video played in the sanctuary, twice even -- he could have cared less who got hold of that DVD. To Victor, the truly vile video was Brady's tribute that showed his grandson had been turned into a moron by the psychobitch Kristen. No way Gramps was going to let that video get out anywhere. Got to protect the Kiriakis good name from further ridicule after all. Quintessential Victor. So funny to me...still.
I don't care if the Pope was in town. It wasn't their property.

I like your reasoning in Victor taking the tribute video. Too bad we never got to hear him say why he took it. I still can't figure out what possibly could have been on a tribute video about Kristen.
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