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  • Greg believes Amanda is avoiding needed surgery because she expects that she'll die. She later promises to have the surgery as soon as the new clinic wing is dedicated.
  • Trish is upset that Jeri has moved back in with Jack Clayton. Trish & Jeri's relationship remains strained.
  • Kim clearly has her eye set on getting Doug back, which upsets Julie.
  • Mike is released from hospital & returns home with Trish.
  • Mickey devastates Mike by telling him he's not his father, Mike believes it's only Mickey's illness talking.
  • Mike suspects Linda is the source of Mickey's negative obsession with blondes.
  • Bill confesses the truth of Mike's paternity to him, causing him much resentment. Mike now regards his mother, Laura, as little more than a tramp and blames both Bill & Laura for Mickey's current condition.
  • Doug has decided that he's no longer interested in the baby he arranged to have conceived via artificial insemination by a surrogate mother (i.e. secretly Rebecca). Rebecca tells Johnny the truth about the baby & is relieved that he still wants both her and the baby.
  • Doug proposes marriage to Julie, causing Kim to tell him that they were never divorced! Kim later files for legal divorce, but wants a healthy share of Doug's finances. Doug tries to keep his marital complications secret from Julie, but when he learns from Don (Kim's attorney) that he & Kim have inherited a Polynesian island, he finds out that they can't get divorced for another 6 months or they forfeit the inheritance. When Julie finally learns the truth, she gives Doug back his ring and later turns to Don for support.

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