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  • Amanda survives her surgery, but suffers brain damage and has lost her memory. For Amanda's benefit, Neil decides not to tell her about their relationship.
  • Sharon continues to foster a friendship with Julie.
  • Kim works hard to stall her divorce from Doug by threatening to take everything he owns. Meanwhile, Don continues to woo Julie much to Doug's jealousy.
  • Johnny leaves Rebecca stranded at the altar and skips town. Robert offers to marry Rebecca (in name only) and take care of her and the baby. She accepts and the duo are wed.
  • Trish tells Jeri about finding her real father, but accuses Jeri of lying about his identity. Determined to prove the truth, Jeri confronts Stanhope. Although he at first denies ever knowing her & threatens her with legal action, he eventually admits to knowing her (but not that he fathered Trish). Eventually, he returns to Salem and acknowledges Trish as his daughter and left defends Jeri against Jack.
  • Mike continues to be furious with both Bill & Laura and he and Bill have a violent fight.
  • Feeling unable to compete with Neil's feelings for Amanda, Phyllis decides to file for divorce.
  • Trish & Mike attempt to make love, but Mike isn't able to consummate the relationship.
  • Mickey gets a "new, pretty, blonde therapist." (I wonder who THAT could be...)
  • When Julie learns that the Polynesian Island is a hoax, she sees a clear path for her and Doug, but he shows no interest in reuniting. When Don tells Doug the truth about the island, Doug begins to wonder what else Kim has been lying about.

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WEEK OF JUNE 14 - JUNE 18, 1976
Rebecca told Johnny the truth about her expected baby before they were to be married. He wrote a Dear John letter and left her waiting at the altar. She was hysterical.... Amanda regained consciousness, but she has a loss of memory.... Jeri left for Phoenix to confront James Stanhope and force him to tell Trish the truth.
WEEK OF JUNE 21 - JUNE 25, 1976
Mike tried to comfort Trish about the Stanhope business - in bed - but it was a no go.... Mickey had a new shrink: bleached blonde Marlena Evans.... Adele did Bob proud at an AA meeting.
WEEK OF JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 1976
Brooke tries to patch things up between Michael and Trish; he's living with Linda.... Don broke Kim's inheritance story, leaving Doug free to divorce her; Julie's ecstatic.... New twosome: Don and Marlena.... Jilted Rebecca received a proposal of marriage from Robert.... Bill and Mike tried to make amends.
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