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Nov 28 2013, 09:07 PM
Do they even have undergrad degrees in creative writing? I majored in English, which was useless enough, but very little of what you learn in a writing class prepares you to be a successful writer. And few writers can make a living from their work, at least for the first several years. Take it from me, Will--you need skills to get a day job. Pick a better major.
Yes, it's a big thing on campus to study creative writing, so DOOL is tapping a trend. The first university program began at the University of Iowa, with the Writers Workshop that supports many working writers with grants. Now undergraduate degree concentrations are proliferating around the country, and several schools also offer MFA programs in Creative Writing as well. I have friends who have been involved in such study, one with the Iowa workshop and another with an NYU degree and attendance at that school's Paris workshop. Both these women are good writers with creative minds and one is published, but they both make their livings other ways. My guess is that the rather trendy programs probably produce a huge ratio of educational debt to actual writing careers.
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