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  • Mike moves in with Linda and Alice catches him in Linda's apartment partly dressed. She later worries that Linda might take advantage of Mike.
  • Dr. Evans allows Mickey to leave the sanitarium for short trips.
  • Phyllis learns that she's expecting a "change of life" baby, but avoids telling Neil. She continues to be quite jealous of his lingering feelings for Amanda.
  • Dr. Evans goes to dinner with Don and are caught out by Mickey & Linda. Dr. Evans & Don share a staged kiss to prove that she isn't there spying on Mickey.
  • Kim confesses that she and Doug have been divorced all along, but before Doug can tell Julie, she accepts a marriage proposal from Don. Doug retaliates by using Kim to make Julie jealous.
  • After Tom tells Brooke that Adele needs a costly liver operation to save her life, Brooke steals checks from Anderson Manufacturing. Brooke knows her mother is dying and wants to use the money to take her on a cruise.
  • Johnny returns to Salem and (without seeing Rebecca) wants her to have everything she needs for her and the baby.
  • Amanda's memory begins to return but she's confused by her memories of Neil. She fears that people are keeping things from her.
  • Maggie plans to adopt little Janice as a single mother, but hopes that she and Mickey will eventually raise her together.
  • The lingering effects of Bill's gunshot wound (at Mickey's hand) continue to cause him problems and begins to impact his surgical career.

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WEEK OF JULY 5 - JULY 9, 1976
Rebecca and Robert were married.... Jeri was grateful to Stanhope for Trish's sake; he's wary of Jack.... Marlena was furious that Don used her to make Julie jealous.... Alice found Linda and Michael in bathrobes; Linda was outraged at the assumption that she would seduce a child.
WEEK OF JULY 12 - JULY 16, 1976
Adele needs an operation. Brooke told David she wouldn't be a beggar for Horton money then stole checks from Bob's office. Don and Julie were engaged. Doug pretended he had a yen for Kim. Linda admitted she's out to win Mickey. Phyllis is out to make Neil forget Amanda.
WEEK OF JULY 19 - JULY 23, 1976
Tommy filled Mickey in on the past. Johnny returned to secretly check up on Rebecca. Amanda remembered Neil, but not Greg. Phyllis is pregnant. Nobody's pleased with Julie's choice, especially David. He and Mike got drunk. Mike passed out in Linda's bed and Trish had a fit.
WEEK OF JULY 26 - JULY 30, 1976
Doug flaunted Kim. Julie pretended she didn't care. Brooke accused Valerie of being too close to David for comfort. Phyllis told Mary she's afraid to tell Neil she's pregnant. Linda got fed up with rumors about her and Mike. Brooke deposited the stolen checks. Susan flicked Amanda's memory. Bill tried to perform surgery but failed. Maggie was thrilled to date Mickey.
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