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I was born in 1986 and basically grew up watching Days. Some of my earliest memories involve Eve Donovan, Jack and Jennifer, Patch and Kayla, Roman (Drake)....but it wasn't until the classic Buried Alive storyline in 1993 that I got hooked! The storyline aired during the summer, so even though I was only 7, I made sure to watch every episode from 1 to 2 PM! Carly was my favourite heroine at the time, and I was so shocked to tune in one day and see Carly in her coffin, seemingly dead but apparently conscious!

After Carly left the show, I watched semi-regularly, but it wasn't until the Possession (Days' best storyline) that I was permanently hooked. I religiously watched Days until August 2001. I just couldn't handle the writing anymore. My favourite character, Carrie, was long gone, and my favourite new couple, Philip and Chloe, had been torn apart in favour of her and Brady. When the new head writers took over in 2002, I watched a few episodes, especially when Tony and Billie returned, but I was still unable to fully get back into it.

Then, in August 2003, I started watching again for James E. Reilly. He is the definitive Days headwriter, in my opinion. I LOVED the Salem Stalker storyline! I was upset that Jack and Victor were killed, but none of the other deaths bothered me. The show was must-see tv for the first time in years! I was even excited when everyone turned out to be alive and on the island. Melaswen reminded me of the action/adventure stories from the 80s. Once that story ended, I lost interest a little bit but continued to watch on and off until Carrie and Austin returned in 2005. When Jim Reilly left in 2006, and Carrie, Austin, and Jack were fired, I had finally had enough. I stopped watching again.

During the 2007-08 Writers Strike, I decided to give Days a chance again. John had amnesia and I was looking forward to watching him and Marlena fall in love again. But after about a month, it was clear that wasn't happening.

Finally, in 2011, after pretty much 5 years of not watching, I returned to Days along with my faves: John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, Jack (and later, Lucas and Billie). I was so excited that James E. Reilly's proteges were the new headwriters! Surely they would bring the show back to its glory days under Reilly.

Boy, was I wrong.

"MarDar"'s stories were boring and lacked drama. Poor Jack was completely thrown under the bus. MarDar spent most of their time trying to tear apart my favourite couple, Carrie and Austin. When MarDar were let go and Carrie, Austin and Jack were fired, I decided to give up on the show once and for all. The last full episode I watched was Carrie and Austin's last appearance in July 2012. As much as I love Jack, I wasn't going to come back after the Olympics only to watch him get killed off.

Now, as much as I dislike MarDar, at least they gave Carrie and Austin a child (although thanks to those hacks Tomsell, we didn't get to see the baby born onscreen [a similar situation happened in the early 90s with Justin, Adrienne and Jackson/"Sonny"]).

I vowed never to watch again until Carrie, Austin and Jack were back, but then Days brought back one of my all-time faves: Kristen! I watched her return episodes, including her "reunion" with John and Marlena, but was extremely let down. When Kristen exited in 1998, everyone except Stefano believed she had committed suicide. Kristen's return from the dead should have been epic and dramatic! Her return should have been worthy of her amazing exit storyline, but instead Kristen confronts Marlena in the woods, and Marlena is barely surprised to see her. She found out OFFSCREEN that Kristen was alive! Just dreadful. I quit Days again right there on the spot (I had planned to DVR Days and only watch the John/Marlena/Kristen story).

Recently, I DVRed Days for the Shane/Kim scenes. They are another supercouple I love. But it's clear that as long as those hacks Tomsell are writing the show and my favourite characters (Carrie, Austin, Jack, Billie, Patch, Bo, Kristen/Susan, etc.) are offscreen, I won't be watching again full time. It's sad and disappointing because I loved this show so much at one point, and now it's just a dreadful shell of its former self.
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