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Nov 27 2013, 08:38 PM
I am going to scream if Robin decides not to reveal herself. I just want this to end.

I loved seeing Spinelli stand up to Maxie and not give into her. Maxie was willing to give up her baby instead of telling the truth. Yet here again she is only thinking about herself and not in the best interest of the baby.

:hail: I wanted to stick a boot up her a%% because she seemed to care more about Nik than her family. Robin propping Patrina was :soapbox:

The show has been better without the trio from hell.

Comments for Wed show
I guess hell must of frozen over when Luke started calling Nik, son.
Didn't like Sabrina's dress, hair and makeup. It aged her about ten years and if she wanted to wear her mother wedding dress, then it should been at her apartment.
Robin add me wishing i had a endless supply of boots to shove down her butt, because she cared more about Nik than her own family.
Spin should have called the police and put Maxie in jail. Besides Sam as PH and they are supposed to announce who coming in.
Favorite moment of the show
Nik coming in and shoving Robin aside and going straight to Britt. :wub:

The best part of the repeat Halloween episode was Nik choosing Britt as his date over Liz, :popcorn:

Anna should kill Faison because all he going to do is torture her and her family for the rest of his life. The endgame for both sociopaths and psychopaths is death.

There is a bonus scene were Felicia told off Liz. Liz said she was being honest when she told the truth about Maxie. Felicia replied that Liz should have been honest with Lucky when she was sleeping with his brother. Liz needed a paint scraper to get her face off the ground.
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