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Nov 6 2013, 12:42 PM
Nov 3 2013, 02:42 PM
As long as KM plays Hope I will pass on this show. Brook, Dull and boring, Hope is dull and boring, Rick is dull and boring. This show is dead. Lets not forget the most nonchemistry pairing in history, Brill.
If you are not watching why follow the boards. I don't understand people who hate the direction the show is going in and yet they post or read what is happening or watch. If you dont like it stop watching. If enough people do that then I guess they would have to change direction of the show. Obviously enough people watch it to keep it going.
This is a free country, and it is my decision to make. As a memeber I was never told that I would have to watch the show. Do whatever makes you happy. It is not up to you to understand me, just handle your own beewax. I still don't care for KM, KKL, or the rest of the no acting Logans.
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