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She could've also been talking about Kristian, though to a much lesser degree. Kristian's non-Days schedule consists of 3-4 trips to Toronto & a handful of trips to christmas markets or other expos. Of course, given that Kristian's guarantee is lower, it's probably easier to work around her 5 or 6 "no Thurs/Fri this week"s than Ali's constant "must be done by ___"/"cannot come in until _____"/etc to shoot BL challenges & weigh-ins.
because there were so many Kristen / Hope scenes to fit into the schedule?

Although I guess shooting around Hope's 10 minute a week pop up appearances might have been tough.
well, Kristian was at the Nutcracker Market this year for all 4 days, so any Hope scenes had to be shot on the Monday or the Tuesday (since she flew out on Wednesday to be there all day Thursday). And she's making another trip to Toronto in December. She also made a trip to Toronto back in September, around the time her story was starting. Even if she doesn't have a story she's shooting, the scenes she's in aren't just her. Other people have to be available around, so anyone's schedule always has to be taken into consideration. It's much easier to schedule around Kristian's few non-Days things than Ali's, but it doesn't mean that there's no work that needs to be done.

ETA: I think Eileen was making a general statement about working around schedules. It wasn't about her scenes with these people in particular. If, for example, there was a Sami-heavy AND Kristen-heavy week that had to be taped & Ali could only shoot on Mon, Tues, & Thurs, then all her scenes would have to be shot on those days, & that could mean that most of the Kristen scenes would be shot on Wed & Fri, since those days allow the most time to devote to her scenes. Unfortunately, that also means that Eileen has to have more material prepared for those few days than she would if she had been scheduled to come in every day. As I said above, having to schedule around one person's non-Days events/jobs/etc impacts other people's schedules as well.
And it's not like Eileen is the first DAYS performer to ever leave due, at least in part, to scheduling concerns. She's not even the first this year. IIRC, prior to his early departure, Chandler Massey spoke about the block taping (23 scenes in one day) and feeling like he couldn't keep his head above water, let alone deliver the type of stuff TPTB/viewers had come to expect. He went from the coming out story right into the baby story, fell ill during the Smith Island scenes and bam, exhaustion.
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