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Nov 27 2013, 11:55 PM
Nov 27 2013, 10:43 PM
Nov 27 2013, 09:40 PM
I just honestly don't believe she will ever come back to Days. As soon as her contract ended, she basically high-tailed it back to Y&R. She prefers Y&R and wants to be there, which is sad because Ashley is such a snore. Days dropped the ball by not having her reprise the role of Susan while they had her. Susan is the mother of the show's leading man---she at least should have made an appearance! And Sister Mary Moira should have reappeared because of the Father Eric stuff. So many missed opportunities (but I blame them on those hacks Tomsell, not Eileen).
She didn't high tail it back to Y&R. She was there for, like, three days. Y'all are making her Y&R stuff so much bigger than it is. She may still return there full time, but she sure hasn't yet. She's doing these interviews NOW and NOW is not when she's working at Y&R.
Actually, she *is* back on Y&R on a more permanent basis. She confirmed on Facebook recently that her return to Y&R has evolved into a recurring part. She is even being given a storyline.
Yes, that's true. It's 3+2+more on a recurring basis. Now they're kinda doing some onscreen chemistry testing between her and the Y&R newcomer Sean Carrigan.

But I'm still glad she sounds open to a Days return, IMO, even a little bit more than some months ago. I don't think we are "clearvoyant enough" to say if she will ever return or not. I think, at this point if both Days and Y&R want to have her, she chooses the show which is able to offer better contract conditions (whatever the criteria might be). Speaking realistically, Y&R has more chances because of their "budgetary etc. possibilities". In the SOD interview (in August) she said she had to take paycut at Days and that was the reason why she asked for more work. My guess is that (before Days), her contract guarantee at Y&R was 2 episodes/week, and at Days she was about 3.76 episodes/week (guess: guarantee was 3 or 3.5? episodes/week). And that's a huge difference in workload which resulted in her being exhausted.
Speaking about the possibility of double-duty, IMO, it would be most likely full-time at Y&R and guest stints at Days although I would prefer it vice-versa. Maybe Days and/or Sony can pull it off?
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