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One dropped storyine I've always been curious about is the blackmail info that Sami had on Kate back in 1996. If I recall correctly, Sami found a box (or maybe it was an envelope) that Kate had hidden at the Kiriakis mansion. The box contained three secrets that Sami used to blackmail Kate. One secret was that Kate had hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. The second secret was that Kate had once been a prostitute. And then there was a third secret that Sami said was the most shocking thing ever, and Kate was desperate to keep this secret hidden.

But then Carrie and Mike discovered that Austin wasn't Will's father, and all of Sami's lies were exposed. Then I think Sami blackmailed Kate into hiring her at Countess Wilhelmina, and Sami's storyline segued into her relationship with Franco. So, the "Kate's box of secrets" storyline was dropped, and I don't think we ever learned any details about the third shocking secret that Sami had discovered about Kate. (I think the dropped storyline might've coincided with JER's exit as head writer.)
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