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Dec 1 2013, 09:00 PM
Dec 1 2013, 05:50 PM
I would love an Eve/Jack/Jennifer situation where Jenn has to pursue Jack for once! Ever since Matthew Ashford returned in 2001, Jack's always had to fight other men for Jennifer: Colin, Brandon, Daniel, etc. Let's turn the tables! P.S. I could also get behind a Jennifer/Jack/Billie or Jennifer/Jack/Nicole triangle.
No to a Jack - Jen - Nicole triangle.... I'm not sitting through anymore relationships for Nicole with a man who is pining for the blonde who treats him like crap. If Jack has clearly and resolutely moved on I'd entertain the thought as it would be endlessly amusing but if Jennifer is still in the picture its a big no.
After Jack returned to Salem in 2011, I kept hoping that DAYS would introduce the wife of Jack's dead buddy from Afghanistan. The wife could've been a British heiress, and she could've bought the Spectator and hired Jack to work as editor. And that would've set the groundwork for Abigail to begin working as a college intern at the newspaper. And since newsworthy stuff happens all the time in Salem, Jack's job as editor would've allowed him to mingle with a lot of different characters and become part of lots of different storylines.

Jack and his friend's wife could've started out as really good pals, and then a slow attraction could begin to form. And Jack and the wife would feel guilty about acting on their feelings because they'd feel like they were betraying Jack's dead friend. But there would be such a strong passion between Jack and the wife that they couldn't bear to be apart . . . I would've loved to see that type of storyline. (In my dream scenario, Finola Hughes would play the wife.)
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