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Dec 2 2013, 02:42 AM
Dec 1 2013, 06:59 PM
Dec 1 2013, 04:43 PM
Spencer Hastings
Dec 1 2013, 03:51 PM

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It doesn't suck. Hope shouldn't have a storyline without Bo. The show should have moved heaven and earth to keep Peter Reckell and given him and Kristian a frontburner storyline. Fortunately, Marlena is getting her man back because there is no reason to her being on the show without him and playing second fiddle to Sami and Eric. The supercouple formula was a recipe for success, and Days is stupid to spit in its face. Bring back the supercouples and the viewers will come!!!! Believe me, I would jump at the chance to watch Days again if Carrie, Austin, Jack, Bo and Patch returned.
Peter Reckell chose to leave, and Kristian Alfonso chose to stay. Kristian should not be punished -- either by being sent off-screen or by being pushed to the side with no storyline whatsoever for the foreseeable future -- just because Peter no longer wishes to be a part of the show.

I can't say it enough! Peter, regardless of which of the reasons he's given you want to believe, CHOSE of his own free will to leave the show instead of renegotiating his contract. No one forced him to leave, no one pushed him out.

IMO, Kristian's already been punished this last year, with Hope being reduced to little more than a pop-up character and barely being seen more than once a week (on average).

When Hope was "killed" in the vat of acid, Bo wasn't storyless, and he sure as hell wasn't placed on the sidelines to await Hope's return from the dead (assuming Kristian would ever return). Why is it that now that Hope's the one left & Bo's the one off wherever, Hope should be in the background until Bo returns. What if Bo/Peter never returns?

To some degree, this whole argument/discussion is mute given that Kristian's re-signed her contract (which most likely included an increase in guarantee, as evidenced by her 10+ episode presence in the last 2 months) and she has a story which should start airing some time this month (if not at the start of the new year).

Personally, I want Hope to have at least one non-Bo relationship/love story before Bo returns to Salem. (I have this feeling that when all is said & done and the show is coming to an end, Bo & Hope will be reunited & live happily ever after.)
But it's DAYS' fault for botching how they handled Peter's departure. Bo should have been presumed dead so Hope could move on with a new love interest. Then, when Bo eventually returns, presto! Instant love triangle. Instead they have forced Kristian/Hope into a weird kind of limbo because they refused to give Bo a legitimate exit.
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