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I can't say it enough! Peter, regardless of which of the reasons he's given you want to believe, CHOSE of his own free will to leave the show instead of renegotiating his contract. No one forced him to leave, no one pushed him out.

IMO, Kristian's already been punished this last year, with Hope being reduced to little more than a pop-up character and barely being seen more than once a week (on average).

When Hope was "killed" in the vat of acid, Bo wasn't storyless, and he sure as hell wasn't placed on the sidelines to await Hope's return from the dead (assuming Kristian would ever return). Why is it that now that Hope's the one left & Bo's the one off wherever, Hope should be in the background until Bo returns. What if Bo/Peter never returns?

To some degree, this whole argument/discussion is mute given that Kristian's re-signed her contract (which most likely included an increase in guarantee, as evidenced by her 10+ episode presence in the last 2 months) and she has a story which should start airing some time this month (if not at the start of the new year).

Personally, I want Hope to have at least one non-Bo relationship/love story before Bo returns to Salem. (I have this feeling that when all is said & done and the show is coming to an end, Bo & Hope will be reunited & live happily ever after.)
But it's DAYS' fault for botching how they handled Peter's departure. Bo should have been presumed dead so Hope could move on with a new love interest. Then, when Bo eventually returns, presto! Instant love triangle. Instead they have forced Kristian/Hope into a weird kind of limbo because they refused to give Bo a legitimate exit.
This I will agree with (& it's the last post I'm gonna make on this topic because it's off the topic of the thread). However, based on everything we've heard since Peter's exit suggest that his exit was written the way it was because LCD expected Peter to reconsider & return to the show. We know Peter had multiple meetings with KC, each ending with no deal struck. Had Bo been presumed dead from the get-go & Peter had returned 6 months later, we would've gotten a really rushed love story in order to have a love triangle upon Bo's "resurrection". And that would've meant that Hope would be written OOC. Also, there was no one to pair Hope with at that point.
I think the show tried to see if Peter would agree to return maybe 6 months later and then talks broke down permanently and PR decided he truly didn't want to come back under this regime. I firmly believe that if TomSell are fired tomorrow, PR would reconsider, but that doesn't leave Days making a wise decision from the start. I wish Corday would have never said that he would never kill Bo....it's a stupid thing to say because now we are stuck in this limbo. The thing to have done immediately after Bo left was to have told the audience he was on a secret mission with Steve and Shane....then have Shane return now and have him say that Bo and Steve have perished, but the bodies were never recovered...make it a point to say that they suspect Stefano and then have Ej or someone else mention that he hasn't been in Salem for weeks...supposedly went to Boston with Chad, etc....this way it gives their death a mysterious feel to it...and it helps Kayla dn Hope mourn their loss and potentially move on.
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