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Dec 2 2013, 02:49 PM
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I was just wondering, should we be worried that NBC didn't renew Days yet?
Usually the renewal is announced in November, right?
No, we were renewed this January 2013 for a year (September 2013-September 2014), so I expect the announcement will probably come within the next 6 or 7 weeks.
Thank you! And do you happen to know how much "advance" do the writers have on the taping? I mean, if they are taping late March / early April right now, are the breakdown writers already working on... June?
They get closer to 5 months ahead towards the end of the year. They should probably start taping May Sweeps within the next few weeks. And based on Ken Corday saying he read the final draft of the Christmas episode a month before it taped in August, I would guess the June dialogue scripts are being written this month, with the July breakdowns being written this month, so they would need to know about the renewal/cancellation pretty soon, since Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell would probably be mapping out the stuff that airs in August (what would be the final 4-5 weeks of the show) this coming January.
That's very scary. If Days is cancelled in 2014, the writers won't be able to end the show properly, and we probably wouldn't get any returning characters or supercouple reunions. Plus, I imagine Sony would shop Days around somewhere else, but I doubt it would end up online after the Prospect Park fiasco.
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