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Dec 2 2013, 02:50 AM
Dec 1 2013, 07:29 PM
Spencer Hastings
Dec 1 2013, 07:10 PM
Dec 1 2013, 07:06 PM
Let's play nice now, gang!! This is a thread about the Jade Harlow casting, please try to stay on topic. I never like seeing "fights" breaking out in topics I start!!
Lol, I was just thinking that this has to be the most hopping and uncivilized Jason47 thread ever.

And with that, I'm out.

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and it's a Lucas related thread ya'll...buzz is buzz....lol

Anyway....I don't think anyone in this thread can type that Sami has been shown to love any of her men absolutely since maybe 2010....so IMHO let's all see it this way....

SAMI claims she loves Rafe but boinks EJ in a night of grief sex when they thought Johnny was dead
SAMI claims she loves Lucas but kisses on Ej and runs away with him leaving Lucas out in the cold during the Daysaster
SAMI claims she is going to give Ej a shot but the minute Rafe shows up at the Dimera safe house door she forgets EJ exists
SAMI tells Hope that she and Rafe are just like Bope but the minute that Rafe pisses her off by siding with his sister she runs to Ej and fucks him.

Sorry but to me SAMI is the one not worthy of Lucas' love...let him find a woman that loves and cherishes him....let's her be crazy, I don't care...if Sami happens to come around, okay...whatever, my main goal is getting Lucas laid ya'll who's with me....
IMO, writers need to stop trying to compare any recent pairings to Bope. Safe & Fetch will NEVER be anything close to what Bope was & is.
(yes, there was some dumbass attempt to compare Fetch & Bope - i can't remember exactly when it was, but I know it was a Hope/Jen scene in the Horton Living Room)

Getting more on the topic of your post, I agree that Sami doesn't deserve Lucas any more. I was rewatching bits of 2006 & got to the Christmas scenes & thought how cute Sami & Lucas looked, but so much has happened between then & now & I just can't see them together any more. Friends & supportive parental units to Will & Allie, yes. Lovers, no.
Sigh....yes they did look so cute together. Throw tomatoes at me y'all if you want, but I will never ever ever ever ever ever think too much has happened to make Lumi, at soooooome point probably the day before this soap goes off the air, happen. I never think "too much" can happen between members of a couple, tbh. If written the correct way, if the history is productively and sufficiently addressed, if marked and meaningful character growth or evolution to lead one back to a familiar pairing (so it seems like a new step forward rather than a retreat to a default-state) is drawn, then I am down for it. This is part of the whole sappy "one true love" thing that I DO love and can support about super-couples.

I just caught up on this thread...whoah! So I'll put in my two cents by saying, again, I love super-couples in that very over-the-top true-love-conquers-all-adversity-and-bad-writing-way ;) Hence my ultimately-undying Lumi fandom/masochistic hope. BUUUTTTT I am much more interested in meaningful character development outside the couple. Lucas without Sami or Carrie or whomever else (really without Sami) has been given NOTHING to do (pun intended) and I CANNOT support that. While I wouldn't mind a new romantic relationship of Lucas' at some point muuuuch later down the road involving Lumi in some way - not now. Please. No more Sami. I want Lucas' other ties and relationships on the show further touched upon, as well as new relationships developed. It shouldn't be that a member of a super-couple, without that super-couple, becomes a vestigial organ. How is THAT good, creative writing? How does that move characters forward? So I will NEVER say that I can no longer see Lucas and Sami together, because that goes against everything good and pure I believe in! But Lucas needs to be doing his own thing! He needs to have a storyline that is independent onto itself, that can be self-sustaining, and that for extra icing points involves established characters in fun, substantive ways. This is the problem with couples - the "couple" starts to take on greater meaning that the interesting characters that first made the coupling unique, and that shouldn't be the case. A "couple" label shouldn't become prohibitive, stifling or punitive in this way.

Jade, welcome! I cannot wait to see what this new character holds in store for my fave guy :) I too am very anxious to see what chemistry is there, and how the story starts out. I am crossing my fingers for good results all-around. It's time!
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