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The Robin/Patrick/Sabrina isn't working for so many reasons. While I agree that there is a lot of Sabrina pimping in this story, there are other things that bother me more. They are forcing a triangle where there really isn't one. Does anyone actually think Patrick would choose Sabrina over Robin? Honestly though, I was getting so pissed at Robin just standing there watching it happen thinking that maybe she shouldn't go in. It is like she can't believe that Patrick found love again. HE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!! She made a DVD where she told him to find love again. I just can't get into this storyline especially when we don't know how long KM is going to be around.

I FREAKIN' LOVE Nicholas and Britt. It is clear that they went about trying to create sympathy and redeem Britt and they did a good job. Nicholas is the first guy that she didn't have to manipulate to be with her. I really hope that they keep the secret of her baby (the secret we all assume about the baby) for a while. Could be amazing drama if these two fell in love and then the truth comes out.

Loved the stuff with Robert and Anna. Such conflict between the two of them and set up to future story. Too bad it seems like they might have to rush it with TR leaving soon.
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