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Viewing Single Post From: Memes and Gifs, Week of Dec 2nd
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Dec 2 2013, 08:18 PM
Dec 2 2013, 05:52 PM
Dec 2 2013, 04:22 PM
I know its been slow and patchy but there just hasn't been enough build up for me on this one to get on board.

I feel like these two don't really know anything about each other.

Plus it's inappropriate to kiss your Physiotherapist ..... Jordan needs to get hauled off to the same appropriate handling of patients seminar that Dr Dan has desperately been needing to go to.

I would have liked Rafe to be fully better and no longer requiring her "services" before this happened.
People don't always wait for the most appropriate time to fall in love. This was a sweet spontaneous moment.

I would like for the couple to be featured more often than they have been to show more of their developing relationship, but I appreciate Days taking their time with them. I believe they have a handle on each other even though Rafe's isn't aware of Jordan's secrets. He gets her and she knows what kind of man Rafe is and yet there is more to discover! And now we know the chemistry works. ^_^ It's off to a great start!
I may not have been paying enough attention to the storyline but I just don't believe there is enough longing there to really warrant a kiss yet.

It's not the time that is the issue, its the amount of attraction, the desire.

I just feel like Rafe is jumping into something in a need to be wanted rather than because he particularly wants Jordan.
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