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Dec 3 2013, 12:28 AM
any help to fine that clip :( of 1997??
Hi Paul. I just did a quick search of Dustin's 1997 recaps page and located the episode for you: 9/19/97

"In the jungle Stefano shoots a dart at John, but Hope leaps in front of him and is hit. Kristen says that it's a poison dart, there is no antidote and the poison works in seconds! John pulls a gun on Stefano and says if she dies, he dies. Stefano says if he dies, Roman dies! Hope stands up, she says the dart didn't hit her, she only hit her head. Stefano takes the dart and tells them he had no intention of killing anyone, he did it to prove a point. With the dart Stefano sticks himself to prove the dart isn't poisonous. Stefano says he only locked them in the bunker for their protection, the natives don't like strangers. Stefano tells John and Hope to come with him, he will show them the cure. Stefano leads them to his laboratory and introduces them to Dr. Rolfe, the man in charge of finding the cure. Hope wonders if she has meet Dr. Rolfe before, but he says no and Stefano quickly breaks them apart to show them the cure. Stefano has a vial which he claims will save Roman's life. John wants to get back to Salem with the cure but Stefano says that can't do that yet. Stefano gives a speech about how we (the world) are destroying the Rain Forest, which is a valuable source of goodness. John and Hope talk about Dr. Rolfe, Hope wonders if he knows her from Maison Blanche. Meanwhile Stefano tells Dr. Rolfe he is never to leave that (no clue what that is) out while she (Hope) is around!"

I was also able to find the clip on Youtube (the scene starts at 5 minutes, 22 seconds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiJJN3mU6s4&feature=player_detailpage&list=PLECFCEF1122813FCD#t=322

You may send payment for my investigative services to Jason47.com :)
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