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That ending scene was really perfect! It was just like that reunion between Robin and Anna years ago. A beautiful thing...and boy, did Brooklyn do a fantastic job when Emma saw Robin.

Tomorrow we'll get to see how everyone ELSE reacts. Mac!! Maxie!! (Well, hopefully Maxie!!) and Patrick! He only gets one exclamation point til I'm sure he picks Robin, LOL! Liz has been a friend to Sabrina, but I have to figure she'll be delighted that Robin's back anyway, and Epiphany too.

Sabrina's just gonna have to deal with "real" life. In "real" life, Emma wants her mommy. She may care about and love Sabrina, but not the same way. And Robin's friends love her.

When Epiphany sang that song about how they're not alone, I was thinking, "Robin IS alone." But now she's not.

I'm waiting for tomorrow.

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