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Renee Dimera
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Dec 3 2013, 06:29 AM
Titus Andronicus
Dec 2 2013, 11:30 PM
Dec 2 2013, 03:56 PM
Gregory Dimera
Dec 2 2013, 03:17 PM
Hi guys, I'm new. This is actually my first post! Anyway when I was a kid a remember when roman/john was dating Diana Colville ( Genie Francis ) after Deidre Hall had left, &'Marlena was " Dead ". When Roman, & Diana were on screen they were often being watched by a mostly unseen woman. You would see maybe her shoes, & hands, but nothing else, however Marlena's name would often be randomly brought up! I don't know if perhaps Deidre had been in talks at the time to return though she didn't till years later, or if maybe they were toying with a replacement actress? Either way it seemed clear that it was intended to be Marlena, but nothing came of it. Plus when she did eventually return it was revealed that despite giving birth, she had actually been in a coma all that time. Anybody remember that one?
They had resolution to this storyline. The woman that was watching Diana & Roman was an actress that Stefano hired (and then held as prisoner). There was a scene where you finally saw the actress' face and she told Diana (and Roman maybe) something along the lines of a crazy man had been holding her captive, and the last we saw of her was her running away as quick as she could. PS: I only remember this in good detail because I did 1988 research in the past few years.
And they pretty much admitted before then it wasn't going to be Marlena. She was seen with Drew in Salem, being told to go mess with Roman and Diana.

Here's another one:

In the summer of 1984, Bo and Hope were occasionally trailed by by a hand wearing a glove and wearing a distinctive ring. He shows up during the New Orleans parade in the crowd and I believe shoots someone. He also goes overboard when trying to get a prism from Howie on a boat (Howie, of course, doesn't notice).

Occasionally, you'd see Shane wearing the ring and I think perhaps one of them people he's in contact with.

Not long after, Shane is established as being a good spy. He quits wearing the ring. It and the glove are next spotted on Stefano. I don't believe there was any further explanation.

I also can't help but wonder if the Pawn was supposed to go differently in the early days, before Drake Hogestyn took over as the unmasked man.
The ring indicated that the person worked for Maxwell Hathaway's cartel (which Megan was really running). Shane was originally supposed to be one of Maxwell's men, assigned to watch Hope by posing as her butler. When fans liked Shane and they decided to make him a contract role, he became an ISA agent who had infiltrated Maxwell's gang to pose as Hope's butler. But when Hope fired him, he stopped working for her and Maxwell (who was promptly killed by Andre) and lost the ring.

It was never established, but it generally is assumed that the guy in New Orleans with the ring who tried to get the prism was Shane. (I believe Charles Shaughnessy did the voiceover for the character when he fell into the river.) Also, Shane knows about the first prism falling into the Mississippi, because he goes back to New Orleans to try to find it but Nurse Honeycutt gets it from the dead alligator first.
Nurse Honeycutt! Elinor Donahue was great in the role. Stefano needs a henchwoman. Loved Honeycutt and Stef's bitch-of-a-maid, Delia Abernathy.
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