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Dec 3 2013, 11:22 AM
On bolded, I don't think that's necessarily true. I don't like Ejami but I don't see a reason for them to break up over this.....If anything I think there was a more valid reason for them to break up over the Stefano thing than this.....I just think the writing isn't really doing the couple any favors....how are you suppose to 'deal' with your trust issues if you don't trust your partner enough to tell them the 'entire' truth when you decide to spill the beans, and now Sami has decided to hold her secret just because Ej didn't tell her his..

It appears Ej's loyalty is firmly behind his family, even if he has falling outs with Stefano and hasn't really had 'that big' a bond with Kristen, when made to choose Dimeras over Sami, he does it without really even blinking. Then what I find worse is that he now KNOWS everything, didn't tell Sami everything, but is still trying to paint Eric in an unfavorable light.

IMHO, if they would break up, maybe they can find a way to DEAL with the problems that plague them, they aren't going to do that by having Sami always brush everything he's doing lately under the rug....and I know this time she has put a hold on the relationship but it's just stupid....it's like she has one foot out and one foot in....either make a decision and stick to it then maybe that cooling off can serve as a wake up call for either.....the way it is now...she doesn't move out, but she doesn't want him sleeping in her bed and they still haven't dealt with their problems...it's called spinning your wheels and I do agree with the poster that said up thread that it seems the show doesn't know what to do with them.
I like that they're letting the lack of trust between them play out for awhile. It's a new dynamic for Sami to challenge EJ about his untrustworthy actions for more than five minutes and a welcome change from her constant declarations of "I trust you." Like I said upthread, they have a new, interesting tit-for-tat dynamic to them now so I'm in no hurry to move past that.
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