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Thanks for posting the gif of the Emma and Robin reunion! Wasn't able to watch live yesterday and this isn't on youtube yet.

General thoughts on the Robin Return story. There have been elements of this that have been pure fire. Having Jerry, Obrecht and Faison sniping at each other, the Halloween stuff, and reunions. While parts of it have dragged out I'm glad they had Robin reunite with her mom and dad on separate days. Besides the reunions I think for me one of the best things about this is the return of hard-core villains to GH who aren't mobster wannabees who want to take over Sonny's territory, although that is coming once this wraps up.

About the wedding. It would have been better IMO for the wedding to have happened last week when more of the action was going on at Spoon Island, maybe Wednesday. Then you could have had the Robin/Emma reunion cliffhanger on the day before the mini-break for Thanksgiving. Because while I get that Robin has been through a lot, there is just no way in hell she would willingly stay away from her daughter, especially considering all the time she spent away from her own parents growing up.

On a somewhat side note, I cannot believe how much more I am enjoying Ian Buchanan on GH than when he was on Days. I absolutely LOVED the scene last week with Robin, Anna, Robert and Duke. I do like how Robin reunited with those 3 first as they were the ones who were her first family in Port Charles back in the 1980's.
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