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lol..on the mani-pedi....

Yeah, it seems they hold onto the big blow up fights and it would have made absolute sense to have this blow up fight the minute she found out he knew before the wedding and did nothing. That was the time to have Sami call him every name in the book and leave the Mansion, give back the ring even...years ago that would have happened...then this time in between would be one or the other longing to be together, running into each other and the viewers would see them missing one another, etc. As it stands now because Sami hasn't moved out and because nothing has been resolved they continue to coexist in the Dimansion but the scenes IMHO aren't really coming across as longing or loving. The only thing I even saw a hint of that that was her looking over and realizing he wasn't laying next to her.....but how long has it been since the day she found out he knew? It's been a while....I don't like it but I can appreciate good writing if done even if it's for a couple I don't like....Ejami IMHO isn't being written well, and yesterday she really treated him more like an annoyance that anything else.

So basically like Jane initially said, EJAMI break up right? We went from Sami putting him out of her bed and them on hold while she found every excuse to stay around him while he tried to find a way for them to at least connect to her being knee deep in murder.......its not like they were twiddling their thumbs.

I don't think you can really say that she doesn't care about Eric in this and how he feels, what he's going through

And again, this is NOT what I said, much less implied. I was talking about what is making Sami upset with EJ and his lying to her.
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