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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepI think it goes like this: if you don't like Ejami, everything is a reason for them to break up.

I can't say I share this logic. I have couples I dislike now (looking at you, Dannifer!) and ones I've thoroughly loathed (Sonny & Carly on GH, Reva & anybody on GL, RKKBo & Carly, to name but a few) but I didn't read the spoilers trying to find reasons they might break up. Of course, I also didn't think the entirety of GH, GL or Days '92 would be all peachy if my couple of maximum would be just break up.
On bolded, I don't think that's necessarily true. I don't like Ejami but I don't see a reason for them to break up over this.....If anything I think there was a more valid reason for them to break up over the Stefano thing than this.....I just think the writing isn't really doing the couple any favors....how are you suppose to 'deal' with your trust issues if you don't trust your partner enough to tell them the 'entire' truth when you decide to spill the beans, and now Sami has decided to hold her secret just because Ej didn't tell her his..

It appears Ej's loyalty is firmly behind his family, even if he has falling outs with Stefano and hasn't really had 'that big' a bond with Kristen, when made to choose Dimeras over Sami, he does it without really even blinking. Then what I find worse is that he now KNOWS everything, didn't tell Sami everything, but is still trying to paint Eric in an unfavorable light.

IMHO, if they would break up, maybe they can find a way to DEAL with the problems that plague them, they aren't going to do that by having Sami always brush everything he's doing lately under the rug....and I know this time she has put a hold on the relationship but it's just stupid....it's like she has one foot out and one foot in....either make a decision and stick to it then maybe that cooling off can serve as a wake up call for either.....the way it is now...she doesn't move out, but she doesn't want him sleeping in her bed and they still haven't dealt with their problems...it's called spinning your wheels and I do agree with the poster that said up thread that it seems the show doesn't know what to do with them.
You are right, I worded that initial sentence wrong. It should be:

For some people who don't like Ejami, everything is reason to break up.

Or, more to the point, Everything is a reason to break up for some people who don't like Ejami.

I respect your opinion and the way you set it out even though I don't agree with it. Although I do agree that Days does love a lather-rinse-repeat. I wish Sami and EJ had had this fight three weeks ago but I find that true of every couple on this show almost ever. The writing will have them prioritizing a mani-pedi over a major discussion.
lol..on the mani-pedi....

Yeah, it seems they hold onto the big blow up fights and it would have made absolute sense to have this blow up fight the minute she found out he knew before the wedding and did nothing. That was the time to have Sami call him every name in the book and leave the Mansion, give back the ring even...years ago that would have happened...then this time in between would be one or the other longing to be together, running into each other and the viewers would see them missing one another, etc. As it stands now because Sami hasn't moved out and because nothing has been resolved they continue to coexist in the Dimansion but the scenes IMHO aren't really coming across as longing or loving. The only thing I even saw a hint of that that was her looking over and realizing he wasn't laying next to her.....but how long has it been since the day she found out he knew? It's been a while....I don't like it but I can appreciate good writing if done even if it's for a couple I don't like....Ejami IMHO isn't being written well, and yesterday she really treated him more like an annoyance that anything else.
But again, I simply don't think they're at that stage in the story yet. There isn't a ton of longing and loving at this stage because Sami is pissed at him. She's pissed that he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. She's pissed that he doesn't seem to give a shit about Eric. She's pissed that keeping secrets has become a pattern for him again. Up until last month, she's been forgiving him for his untruths rather quickly, but she's finally putting her foot down for more than 5 minutes. However, that doesn't mean that she's ready to call it quits and move out YET. I think they will eventually get there, but at the moment, she seems willing to give him one more chance (assuming that's how the fight the week of 12/9 ends). Now once she learns that EJ knew about the drugging, then all bets are off and I think a break-up is likely to happen. But as it stands now, she's simply pissed and on alert, but not quite ready to throw in the towel.
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