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Trying to remember some from the murky mists of my brain. It's been awhile.

In early 2001, there was some talk of Marlena being kidnapped by Stefano again (and replaced with Hattie) and that he would have grabbed her during the bombing of Tuscany. Hattie would have divorced John and gone back to Roman (because Hattie had no love for John and had a thing for Roman). This was during a bizarre period where Stefano actually did muse about having John and Lexie raise Hope's baby together. The whole thing was dropped in the end (Deidre's twin left the show, as did Joe) but here's the interesting part: Marlena was going to find herself in a dungeon with a sobbing woman who was holding a photo of John Black and who kept saying "John" over and over. And the woman was going to be Isabella Toscano, except it was really a deranged Kristen after plastic surgery (I'm assuming Staci Greason said hell no, because none of this ever came to pass). Eileen was briefly free of Y&R during this time and then talk turned to just bringing Kristen back period. I'm not sure how she would have fared in early 2000s Salem.

Chloe's conception was long veiled in mystery and melodrama. There were some serious rumors (circa 2001/02) that Chloe would turn out to be a Di Mera... her father was going to be Tony, who apparently had a one-night stand with a young Nancy. Chloe as a Di Mera would have made sense. Nadia could play that, but I am glad Craig turned out to be her dad.

Sami was rumored to be about to get possessed ala Marlena in the fall of 2003. Why the devil would bother with Sami, I have no clue.
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