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Dec 3 2013, 12:42 PM
Personally, I think there's a chance it's John, too. It just seemed like we were leading toward a John reveal.
Yeah, I always thought that John was Greta's father. Maybe Greta lied and said that John wasn't her father because she didn't want to cause any more drama in John's life.

And on the subject of "Who's the Daddy?" situations, here's another dropped storyline I'm really curious about: When EJ first arrived in Salem in 2006, Carrie said that EJ looked very familiar. However, that plot point was never mentioned again, and we later learned that EJ was the child of Susan and Stefano.

So, I've always wondered if JER originally had a different backstory planned for EJ. I thought that EJ would turn out to be the long-lost child of Tony and Anna. And maybe Carrie had once seen an old photo that Anna had of EJ, which would explain why Carrie said that EJ looked familiar. (I think James Reilly got fired as DAYS' headwriter shortly before EJ's true identity was revealed. Does anyone know if Reilly had originally intended for EJ to be someone other than Susan and Stefano's child?)
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