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Dec 3 2013, 11:39 AM
I'm talking about the hear and now...I'm not jumping ahead of anything. I'm saying she doesn't know what to do...she's in a place that she can decide to move out of the Mansion (and she could have moved out instead of telling him to keep his distance), sending a CLEAR message to EJ ....but instead, she stays and decides to keep a secret of her own just because he kept a secret. How are her CURRENT actions dealing with their trust issues....they aren't.

Sami is sending a very CLEAR message to EJ and its having QUITE the impact on him, one that more than likely would NOT have happened if they were living apart. He is pretty close to his breaking point and that is what Sami wants, she wants him ready to deal with their issue head on and resolve it......so Sami is most certainly NOT the one who doesn't know what to do or how this should be handled.

Dec 3 2013, 12:06 PM
Dec 3 2013, 12:01 PM
There will always be fans who would argue either side :lol:

As for EJ painting Eric in whichever light, Sami doesn't care beyond the act of lying to her so don't see the relevance of that and per spoilers we know things come to a head next week so her actions pretty much worked. :P
and again...I don't agree...Sami does care about her brother...she's said it enough..she ran to his side to comfort him, just told everyone that would listen how she's feeling about the situation and how she would have stopped it if she knew....I don't think you can really say that she doesn't care about Eric in this and how he feels, what he's going through...and even if what you say is true...I highly doubt that she won't care in the end when she finds out that Ej could have helped clear his name by revealing the truth but instead kept quiet while Eric goes to great lengths to clear his name.

again...we'll agree to disagree.

I agree, Sami does care a great deal about Eric. But she is also madly in love with Ej. I don't see why she is expected to give up the man she loves, break up her family and unroot her children from their home just to show her loyalty for Eric. Ej has been there for her more than any member of her own family has...ever. He has been her rock for the past year. If the situation were reversed, I am pretty sure Eric would not give up on Nicole for Sami's sake.

Sami is pissed with Ej for lying to her and protecting Kristen. I get that. IMO, as upset as she may be, she is not moving out because she knows she is not going to break up with Ej over this. She loves him and she is committed to him and it makes no sense to move out with the children only to move right back in once they make up. That would not be fair to the kids who finally have a loving stable family. Besides, she knows they are going to work it out eventually like any solid couple.

As for Ej, lying to Sami was not his brightest move, but I understand where he is coming from. Kristen is his family. He loves his family as much as Sami loves hers. He has every right to protect a member of his family wrong or not. Sami would do the same for her own family. Ej does not give Brady or Eric a damn thing. Why should he? They both hate his guts and treat him like dirt. So I don't see why Ej should throw his sister under the bus to benefit folks who despise him. Maybe if Eric had given Ej the same benefit of the doubt that he gave Nicole, Ej would feel differently about him. But from day one, he refused to give Ej a chance even though that is what priests are supposed to do. Instead, he treated Ej with contempt. So Ej owes Eric absolutely nothing. His loyalty should be toward his Samantha and he has already proven that he would lay down his life for his Samantha and their children. That should be enough IMO.

Both Ej and Sami will have to come to some kind of understanding regarding their family and learn not let family drama interfere with their relationship. But it will take time. Meanwhile their commitment is being tested. By staying in the mansion and not giving up on Ej, Sami is proving that she is in it for better and for worst which shows growth IMO.

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