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Monday ("Nicole's Lie")
Nicole tells a huge lie for Eric's benefit; Victor freaks out when he finds Nicole is living with Daniel.

Tuesday ("Will Confronts Sami")
Will confronts Sami about her big secret; Abigail talks to EJ about Jack.

Wednesday ("JJ's Plot")
JJ devises a plot to neutralize Theresa; Adrienne sets Jennifer up with a new guy.

Thursday ("EJ's Trick")
EJ tries to trick Gabi into revealing everything; Hope gets a surprising call from Bo.

Friday ("Discovery")
EJ makes a shocking discovery and later confronts Sami about what he's learned.

**UPDATED 12/4**

National Enquirer Spoilers

* Will confronts Sami about the big secret shes been keeping from him
* Nicole tells one whopper of a lie in order to help Eric.
* A horrified Gabi realizes that Sonny knows the whole truth
* Adrienne sets up Jennifer with a brand new man.
* Hope receives one stunner of a call from Bo.


Will presses a reluctant Sonny to reveal what he overheard
Brady has upsetting news for Jennifer.

Sami, Kate and Gabi race to stop Sonny from revealing their secret to Justin.

JJs plan to trap Theresa backfires.
A desperate Sami gets into a huge fight with Ciara.

Kate, Gabi and Sonny get an alarming surprise when they take Arianna to visit Santa.

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