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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of December 16th
Some gals have all the luck!

Dec 4 2013, 08:41 AM
Dec 4 2013, 07:42 AM
And still no word on Hope, or any indication of her big awesome story line. So disappointing, but, expected. Why the hell do I still bother with this asinine show?
I have faith that Hope's storyline will start in February when John returns. I just hope the writing lives up to the hype.

As far as Daniel & Nicole helping Eric, I'm HERE for Ericole, but they can kill off Daniel or send him to join Cameron in Whogivesafuckistan & I won't miss him in the least.
Hope's SL starts in Feb.? Drat! I thought it was this month or January 2014. I'm confused. Either way, that sucks! It better be worth the wait, or so help me.......

A Valentines romance for my girl? YES PLEASE! :rockon:

Whogivesafuckistan - That is hilarious! :lol: :lol: Good one! :lol:
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